Thank you

The school-year has come to an end in Estonia. Our pupils, who made the observations, are now getting their high-school diplomas soon. I have uploaded the slideshows and you have all made the same. I thank you for the cooperation. We don't have much comments here, but I do hope that all our pupils have watched the slide-shows and gained somewhat of an understanding of each-others enviroments. And I deeply than all the pupils paricipated in our project. Good job!
From Estonian national support, this project was also named in our top ten. I hope your national services also will note the project and provide you a quality label for it.
Many sweet greetings for summer and hopefully we can cooperate in eTwinning again.
Madli-Maria, from Kuressaare



Presentations from Italy, Como

These are some of the presentations from Italy posted by Ms Lanzi the graphics teacher who is working on this project with me. Other presentations will be uploaded in the next few days.

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:


our project

Hi, from Italy!
I'm Ms Rita Lopiano, the English teacher coordinator of our project.
My students have already taken a lot of photos , but6 they are still wonking on their presentations.
Ihope they'll be able to upload them by the of next week.
The photos I've seen so far are terrific.
Bye everybody from Como lake.


Another set on presentations from Kuressaare

Presentations from Kuressaare

Behalf on my pupils - I will upload and link the presentations of our 4 classes that participated and the 2 that still are going to do the presentations. We hope to get responds from other pupils from other counries - Is something similar? Are there any suprises? etc. So please, comment on the slides.

Here are the slideshows :) Enjoy!


First presentations are ready (12 December 2008)

Hello again,

A few months have passed and pupils have been taking photos. The first presentations are now ready and we will upload them for you to see. Please, do comment and give your thougts.

We have Chistmas coming up and the schools will take a little break, happy holidays! :)

Here are the first presentations from Poland:
Schools in Częstochowa
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

Hi from Como lake Italy (13 November 2008)

Hi, I'm Rita I have just joined the project. I hope I'll be able to carry it out with one of my 7 classes. I think My 3rd or 4th classesof the drawing course may be suitable for this project. I have a meeting with the other teachers next week, so I hope to get started soon.

Bye every body for now.


Project starts (15 Oct 2008)

I am glad to announce, that the porject for different European countries about their living enviroments starts in October.

We have trhee schools who are starting - Estonia, Greece, Poland, but we are looking foward also to new countries, so the result would have an even wider range. So, if you are interested, you are welcome to join us.

This is mainly a photo-observation project.

The goal is to compare different angles of enviroment for youth indifferent European countries. Pupils can choose their topicsthemselves, but also some ideas are given, such as:

* Learning possibilities
* Sports and healthy life-style
* Biking possibilities
* Healt-care, hospitals
* Education
* City signs
* Street-art
* Entertainment
* Enviroment for the disabled
* etc

By making photos about the above-mentioned topics, pupils will bring outboth the positive and the negative angles - how they see the topicin their home-town.

Pupils, after having taken the photos, will make a presentation of it. The links of the slide-shows with theirphoto-observations will be posted here (presentations will be uploaded to slide-share.net).

Viewing each-others presentations, pupils will learn about different societys and enviroments other European youth live in. All are very welcome to comment each-others projects, as well as discussthe topics.

Moved to Blogger from Twinblog

Since our main goal is to expose the presentations that are made by our pupils, then we decided to move from Twinblog to Blogger, because the embadding seems not to work there. I am sorry. I will copy the posts over and we will continue here.