Thank you

The school-year has come to an end in Estonia. Our pupils, who made the observations, are now getting their high-school diplomas soon. I have uploaded the slideshows and you have all made the same. I thank you for the cooperation. We don't have much comments here, but I do hope that all our pupils have watched the slide-shows and gained somewhat of an understanding of each-others enviroments. And I deeply than all the pupils paricipated in our project. Good job!
From Estonian national support, this project was also named in our top ten. I hope your national services also will note the project and provide you a quality label for it.
Many sweet greetings for summer and hopefully we can cooperate in eTwinning again.
Madli-Maria, from Kuressaare


  1. Thanks a lot for your helpful guidelines in this project.
    School has just finished in Italy. However, the students involved in the project will be at school next year for the their final school- year, so they will be willing to work in any other etwinning project again or in a follow-up of this one.
    I'm also glad to tell you that our principal has appreciated this kind of project a lot and all the work Ms Lanzi and I had done has been valued positevely.
    That's all for now, I hope I wiil hear from you soon.
    Ms Rita Lopiano

  2. very well written and organized tutorials…its indeed a great help for beginners like me to keep up the interest and at the same time learn this important subject.