Project starts (15 Oct 2008)

I am glad to announce, that the porject for different European countries about their living enviroments starts in October.

We have trhee schools who are starting - Estonia, Greece, Poland, but we are looking foward also to new countries, so the result would have an even wider range. So, if you are interested, you are welcome to join us.

This is mainly a photo-observation project.

The goal is to compare different angles of enviroment for youth indifferent European countries. Pupils can choose their topicsthemselves, but also some ideas are given, such as:

* Learning possibilities
* Sports and healthy life-style
* Biking possibilities
* Healt-care, hospitals
* Education
* City signs
* Street-art
* Entertainment
* Enviroment for the disabled
* etc

By making photos about the above-mentioned topics, pupils will bring outboth the positive and the negative angles - how they see the topicin their home-town.

Pupils, after having taken the photos, will make a presentation of it. The links of the slide-shows with theirphoto-observations will be posted here (presentations will be uploaded to slide-share.net).

Viewing each-others presentations, pupils will learn about different societys and enviroments other European youth live in. All are very welcome to comment each-others projects, as well as discussthe topics.

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